NOPPE, Catherine

Art of Vietnam


Since the foundation of the Au Lac kingdom three centuries ago – famous for their bronze drums and their magnificent artilleries – until the works of the painters from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Indochina, created in Hanoi in 1925, the arts of Vietnam have been marked by its profoundly original cultures and the fusion between Asia and the Occident. The modern Vietnamese civilization has therefore inherited a very rich and multifaceted history.

Long forgotten during the civil unrest of the late 20th century, the Vietnamese arts have remained largely unrecognized. Recent years however have seen art culture begin to blossom again and new discoveries are being made. In this book, the authors have chosen to present these findings in a historical perspective, situating them in the heart of a twice-millennial tradition.

A particular work has been realized on the iconography, associating views of some remarkable landscapes – many in the country that shelters the Ha Long Bay – the negatives of a Vietnamese photographer, scenes of the life in the countryside, and pictures of civilian and religious monuments. The art objects have been chosen among the ones preserved not only in the Vietnamese museums but also in the European museums and private collections.


Op voorraad


2003, gebonden met stofomslag, 272pp, fraai exemplaar, 32.5×24.5cm