Benoit Luykx


You can fall in love with Benoit Luyckx’s work. His torsos are intensely fascinating. The tension alone between the sensuality of the body and its abstraction in stone is striking. Nearly all his works are allegories of nature, close to a symbolization of its sensual texture, with a search for feeling, form and rhythm. Luyckx tries to express the essence of his environment, both physical and psychological. In doing so he searches for a balance between nature and the everyday.This publication offers a comprehensive overview of Luyckx’s work, and also discusses in depth his growth and thought processes. With the help of illustrations, Luyckx explains personally how he came to create certain works of art and what the philosphy behind them is. Not only his sculptures can be admired in this book, but also his interior decorations and jewelery. Benoit Luyckx is a must for the bookshelves of modern sculpture enthusiasts.


Op voorraad

Waanders, Uitgeverij

2005, linnen gebonden met stofomslag, 104pp, fraai exemplaar, 30x25cm