John D. Green (fotografie) - David Tree

Birds of Britain – [Käfer aus England].

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Birds of Britain 1967 Book By John Green Featuring Patti Boyd JANE ASHER Chrissie Shrimpton MARIANNE FAITHFULL This is a large book measuring approximateley 11 x 14 1/4 inches and is very heavy! Clothbound hard cover book in light green. Published in the USA by Macmillan Company with 144 pages. The photos are all on glossy pages. These portraits were taken by by John D. Green with help of art director David Tree. Printed in 1967, and this is a first edition too. As the 5 page introduction begins, “This is the new British Girl. Observe her. She is a novel phenomenon. She is loyal, also fickle, obstinate, gentle, suspicious and trusting. also sharp and feckless, realistic and fantastic beyond belief. Stars included: Pattie Boyd with 5 images of her in a men’s suit – STUNNING! Jane Asher Mary Bee – who was Pattie Boyd’s roomate! Martine Beswick Cilla Black Ingrid Boulting Paddy Carrington-Bates Julie Christie Marianne Faithfull Susan Hampshire Juliet Harmer Getra Hearne Vicky Hodge The Jay twins Samantha Juste – Mickey from the Monkees wife Suzanna Leigh Lulu Cathy McGowan Sarah Miles Hayley Mills The Honourable Victoria Mills Paula Noble The Honourable Jane and Victoria Ormsby-Gore Charlotte Rampling Sandie Shaw Chrissie Shrimpton Dusty Springfield Susannah York The photographs are amazing, each a work of art!


Op voorraad

Bonn, Verlag der Europäischen Bücherei H.M. Hieronimi

1967, gebonden met stofomslag, 144pp, fraai exemplaar, 35.5×27.5cm

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