Sam Haskins

Cowboy Kate & other stories

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Follows Cowboy Kate through her allegorical experiences in a rough and tough western town. This work uses a mixture of fun and hyperbole to make its point about the triumph of young, wholesome, innocent beauty.

This seminal classic in the history of photography is reprinted under the supervision of Sam Haskins Estate. The original editions published in various countries sold more than a million, and this reprint is based on the coffee table edition by Bantam in 1964, and printed in duo tone and high-resolution. “Cowboy Kate & Other Stories” is an iconic sixties book which played a key role in defining the style of that decade and creative black and white photography in particular. It continues to exert a strong influence today on a wide range of visual professionals and designers. The cover is one of the most ‘referenced’ images in post war fashion history, and it won the Prix Nadar in France in 1964 and was included in the ‘The Open Book: A History of the Photographic Book from 1878 to the Present’ Exhibition at the International Center of Photography in New York in 2005.


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Corgi Books 1965

Paperback, very nice copy


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