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Nestor Nestor Venturini Venturini , Treviso, after the classic college , which is also influential Zano this work , continued a- father’s activities in the field of national liquors and spirits, extension Ndola little more beyond Italy’s borders and Europeans. Collaborates with newspapers and magazines ste specialist and has published more book in the series , The Dictionary of ser- alcoholic beverages , Encyclopedia of alcohol drink- (being updated ) ; My drink grappa Posters, Posters: drink advertising world ; Manual lometria Alco- practice, the cup. For insiders are well known for their journalistic battles against occasional activity of certain monopolies and multinationals. Universal Dictionary of alcohol wine in myth and sacred alcoholometry Practice Manual .



Franco Muzzio Editore

1988, linnen gebonden met stofomslag, 190pp, keurig exemplaar, 28.5x22cm

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