Judith Pfaeltzer / het beeld als landschap


Judith Pfaeltzer describes her sculpture terra incognita – an unknown landscape asking to be discovered. Exploration, searching for the unknown, is a constant in her work. She draws inspiration from the wonderment of her environment, whether drawing a flower in Amsterdam’s botanical garden, making a sculpture or photographing a rugged landscape. This splendid photography book offers an insight into this wonderment and acquaints us with Pfaeltzer’s landscape and with the artist herself. In an interview she describes her first encounters with art, her method of working and her fascination with her surroundings. The right combination of text and image has produced an intriguing book, both for art lovers as well as landscape enthusiasts.


Op voorraad

Waanders, Uitgeverij

2006, linnen gebonden met stofomslag, 106pp, fraai exemplaar, 30×25.5cm