Spirit Possession – Modernity & power in Africa


Spirits and spirit possession are common in African public life, as is witchcraft. Yet this is an area to which political and social scientists as well as economists pay scant attention … highly recommended to those who are not familiar with the subject, or who may still doubt its importance …The merit of this volume is that the various country studies are presented in a manner that makes them comparable. – Patrick Chabal in INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Every article in the volume is full of necessary historical, political and economic information, enabling the reader to see how truly nuanced and dense the ethnographies are upon which the pieces are based…this is a very worthy scholarly project, and one that should have wide appeal to those interested in indigenous and external religious practices on the continent of Africa. – Misty L. Bastian in JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY AFRICA


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James Currey London

1999, softcover, 170pp, mooi exemplaar, 23.5×15.5cm