O'Donnell, Elliott

Strange cults and secret societies of modern London


He was born in Clifton, the son of Irishman Reverend Henry O’Donnell (1827–1873) and Englishwoman Elizabeth Mousley (née Harrison); he had three older siblings, Henry O’Donnell, Helena O’Donnell and Petronella O’Donnell.[2] After the birth of his fourth child the Rev. Henry O’Donnell travelled to Abyssinia while awaiting preferment to a new parish. Here he was said to have been attacked by a gang and robbed and murdered. Elliott O’Donnell claimed descent from Irish chieftains of ancient times, including Niall of the Nine Hostages (the King Arthur of Irish folklore) [3] and Red Hugh, who fought the English in the sixteenth century. O’Donnell was educated at Clifton College in Bristol, England, and later at Queen’s Service Academy, Dublin, Ireland.


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Philip Allan London

1934, linnen gebonden, 280pp, redelijk exemplaar, 19×13.5cm

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