The Extraordinary in the Ordinary


Incorporating European embroideries, African weavings, kites and posters, hats and soft sculpture, hand tools, and many other items, this book celebrates the extraordinary originality of textiles and objects that people have created to adorn themselves and their homes for religious purposes and to express their thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. The 250 works depicted were sought out and assembled by Lloyd Cotsen, former chairman of the Neutrogena Corporation. They are among the highlights of Cotsen’s enormous collection, and serve as an introduction to the display of over 2500 works on view in the Neutrogena Wing of the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, which opened in August 1998.;The volume is organized geographically, and illustrates the varied methods of artistic expression seen around the world and throughout history. An introduction by Cotsen is followed by essays and commentaries by an international team of scholars.


Op voorraad


1998, linnen gebonden met stofomslag, 280pp, mooi exemplaar, 31×23.5cm