White Paradise

A real white paradise, the North Pole ice sheet is quickly melting as a direct result of global warming. Every year, the ice field decreases in size and the glaciers of Greenland retreat further and further. This mythical place is gradually disappearing. Since his first expedition in 1995 with Jean-Louis Etienne, Francis Latreille has been aware of this threat and has used photography to report it. During missions to the North Pole that he joined, he has met the inhabitants of these inhospitable regions and discovered their environment and lifestyle, and the uncertainty of their future. More than just a record of his fascination with this universe and the way of life, this book is a tribute to the North Pole, a white paradise, to its inhabitants and to its exceptional beauty and light. This book also presents work from the Mammuthus expedition 1999: from the earliest explorations to the discovery of these giant creatures, frozen in the ice for thousands of years.


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2006, gebonden met stofomslag, 230pp, keurig exemplaar, 27x31cm