SWOLFS, Xavier

Xavier XL Swolfs – Aquarellen


Vulnerable and free, they lead gentle lives, as their radiant pigments conjure up sensual reflections of astounding beauty upon the wetness of the paper. How the sweetness of the water trickles with the mix of colors on the palette, and spreads them upon the wet sheet, thus have I loved so tenderly. As if by some miracle I am witnessing a jubilant radiant adventure; a spectacular play in paint and water that captures form out of accident, and has those bizarre splotches which invite my escape into fantasy and dream, over and over. This passion lead us to experience our happiness and freedom during the trip through an enchanted world, which sparkles and gives of itself twice, to whom so ever has both the “mastership” and the masterly experience to limit themselves, to create from an aquarelle without limits.


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Eigen beheer

2005, softcover, 96pp, mooi exemplaar, 29x29cm, naam en tekst voorin, paar kleine onderstrepingen.